DocuSign Program Terms


DocuSign Referral Program

1. What is the DocuSign Referral Program?

With the DocuSign Referral Program, you can earn a $20 Gift Card reward for every friend who you refer that becomes a NEW paying DocuSign customer for at least 31 days.

2. How does the Referral Program work?

First, visit the share page:

Then, send a referral email to a friend or family member, or post a referral on Facebook or Twitter. Once you share, you are assigned a share link, which allows us to track all your referrals. If a friend clicks on your link, signs up for a free trial and becomes a paying customer, you'll earn the $20 Gift Card reward.

If your friend decides to buy, he/she will get 10% off the first year of an annual plan per user, up to 10 users. Discounted pricing is for NEW customers in the US, who purchase online annual plans of Professional, Business, REALTORS® PLUS, and Real Estate PLUS. DocuSign Corporate and Enterprise plans are not eligible.

3. How many people can I refer?

You can refer an unlimited number of friends, and we encourage you to share with as many friends as you would like.

4. Who is eligible to participate in the Referral Program?

You have to be over 18 years old and a resident of the US to earn a reward.

In order to earn a reward, your friend must be a new paying customer, and was not previously a customer under any email address or alias.

Resellers and employees are ineligible to participate in the Referral program.

5.How do I track my referrals?

You will receive a 'dashboard' email that shows the status of all your referrals.

6. Once I earn a referral, when will I receive my reward?

We will email your Gift Card reward approximately 45 days after your friend becomes a paying customer.

7. How many rewards can I earn?

You can earn up to a total of thirty rewards, or $600 in Gift Card rewards.

8. I accidentally deleted my Amazon Gift Card reward email. Can it be resent?

Yes, of course. Just send an email to with the email address you used to register for the program and we will re-send your reward via email.

9. How do I redeem my Gift Card reward?

It's easy. First, copy the 'claim code' in the reward email. Then, sign in to your account, and click 'Apply a Gift Card to Your Account'. Finally, enter your claim code and click 'Apply to Your Account.'

10. What if I referred my friend, he or she became a paying DocuSign customer, but I never got a reward?

No problem - please send an email to with the email address you used to register for the program. In this email, please send us the email address of your friend, and we'll look his or her referral in our system.

11. How do I unsubscribe to your email list?

Each e-mail we send should contain an unsubscribe link, or you can unsubscribe by going to this page:

The only reason you would receive e-mail from us if you haven't registered is because someone you know thought you might like this opportunity. We do not sell e-mail addresses and we do not send spam.

12. Are there any special restrictions or rules for the program?

  • Click here for the terms and conditions

  • This program has a simple set of rules to ensure that users are referring their friends, and not spamming large lists or referring themselves. The rules are:

  • Users may earn one (1) reward for each valid referral

  • Users may not submit multiple e-mail addresses and/or multiple credit card numbers to set up accounts in an attempt to earn a reward or an additional reward.

  • Users may not participate in a Referral Program where doing so would be prohibited by any applicable law or regulations.

  • Users may not use Spam to obtain referrals. Users may not acquire referrals through unsolicited e-mail to persons unknown to them, or through Usenet or message board postings, where the postings are unrelated to the topic of discussion or otherwise violate the terms of the site.

  • Resellers and employees are ineligible to participate in the Referral program.